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Our Story

Let's have a glimpse of what farming looks like in Orissa for a small farmer. 



Dependent on Chemicals for their produce

 Low efficiency

Stuck with the traditional methods

Yeah, we know what you're thinking. The answer is simple; lack of infrastructure.

Hence, Kamadhei Agro Farms was born in 2021. An Initiative taken by my family together to start a farm that will not only do organic farming using innovative technology but educate our fellow farmers about the same. 

Today successfully, we have expanded our workforce to 52 people working on our 3 acres of land producing Paddy, Mushrooms, Coconut, Banana, Spirulina, Mango, Drumstick, Papaya, Jackfruit, Fish, and Vermicompost.  We have also started our Consulting services wherein we give training to farmers for free. We might have started from Orissa, but we aim to educate the masses.

 Our Values
(Quality & Sustainability)

" Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food "
A beautiful saying that we follow in every step of our produce. Our organic production prioritizes your health & ensures no harm is made to the environment. Also, the production goes through multiple quality checks before they are delivered to your doorstep. 



We believe in leaving no one behind. It's only fair if we make sure our fellow farmers grow with us. Our Training programs are centered towards educating farmers on how they can achieve high profits whilst ensuring quality & sustainability. We're just a call away for those farmers struggling with their production. Our goal is to eliminate the concept of dependency on food imports. Thus, growing everything locally itself.

Our Vision

"Our Vision is to change the way people perceive farming, one farm at a time." 

Change could be uncomfortable but it's necessary. 
The traditional methods being used in farming have to go away to pave the way for modern methods. Kamadhei Agro farms is just a beginning for all the other farms that will adapt to the innovative ways of farming. 

We believe with proper guidance & training from our fellow farmers we can make a difference in the industry. Thus, we invite people to learn & get guidance free of cost. 

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