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 Contract Farming 

In Odisha, farmers grow paddy for about 3 months & then are left with uncultivated fields for the rest of the year. The land is left idle as farmers don't have the proper knowledge & resources to grow any other crop. Recently a government survey found farmers in Odisha continue to be the poorest in the country.

To tackle this issue, we started Contract farming in which an agricultural agreement is made between the buyer & farmers. The buyer gives an order to farmers to produce a specific agricultural product, and farmers agree to provide them. 


In our case, we wear multiple hats to facilitate the farmers to improve their livelihood. 


As an initiator, we make a network of farmers who are struggling to make a living out of their land. This network is turned into multiple groups in which we put across the idea of contract farming. Once the idea gets through we lay out an action plan with coordination of farmers to reduce farming efforts.

Mediator :

As a mediator, we monitor these farms & keep a regular check on the quality of the production. If and when they face a challenge we help them tackle and overcome the same. Any technical or research assistance needed for the production is taken care of by us. 

Buyer :

As a Buyer, we take the production from these farms & get the best selling price available in the market. Which is much better than the government mandis currently present. We have two models for supporting the farmers in selling their products. Either we can make prior contracts with a fair fixed price of the product or we can get the best price which is dependent on market demand & supply after production is done.

Harvesting Crop Field

Training & Guidance

As per a recent government study, about 32% of the rural population is illiterate. The percentage is even higher for farmers. Mostly the knowledge gained by these farmers about agriculture is from their ancestors. Thus we have started training and guidance programs that provide them resources, knowledge and modern farming methods to increase efficiency.

Our training & guidance program aims at giving farmers exposure to modern ways & technology significant for their success. Whether it's small questions or planning the whole production we have got them covered. For those who are interested to get into the production of mushrooms, fish, Vermicompost & spirulina, We have specialized training programs as we are aligned in similar domain.

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